Get to know us a little better

Who are we and what's the goal?

Backyard Bushcare aims to encourage people in understanding the value of our native vegetation by creating native gardens, highlighting the uses and positive qualities of each plant. 

We focus on using only local plants to ensure our natural ecosystem here in Adelaide has a chance at thriving, this includes all of our native birds, bees and other creatures. 

We strive to look after the land that looks after us...
We need to help heal our environment in order to begin self and community healing, why not start in your own backyard. 

We offer various land management services alongside native landscaping, check out our Services page for more info. 

Meet the team

Since studying Conservation & Land Management and working in natural areas so close to home, we have a huge enthusiasm for suburban bushcare along with a fresh commitment to land conservation.

A range of various experience is put together to get the job done at Backyard Bushcare. We collaborate with motivated partners with similar ambitions accordingly.

Highly driven when out on-ground, expect great results from any one of our awesome crew. We all have lots to offer. 

Meet Sophie 

Sophie began Backyard Bushcare in June 2020 after becoming heavily interested in healing our environment a few years prior.

After being lucky enough to work in local bushland around Adelaide, there was a lightbulb moment - all the weeds just keep on creeping over the fence. No matter how much you care for the bush, people need to care for their own backyard patches. 

Now devoted to helping property owners create or look after their own pockets of bushland in suburbia, Sophie is keen and ready to change the garden 'norm'.